Smartphones are becoming faster by the minute. This is all thanks to the high-tech specifications being added into every new model. In fact, each new model released into the markets comes with new and improved features and specifications. This is a major breakthrough in the smartphone industry because it allows the smartphone companies to target and meet the demands of different customers.

Fingerprint Sensor Features

The new android phones are being fitted with new high tech security capabilities like the fingerprint unlocking feature. This feature makes the smartphones safer and more secure than they have ever been. The fingerprint sensor feature allows the users to unlock their smartphones in a matter of 0.2 seconds after the phone has been locked while it unlocks from the sleep mode in 0.5 seconds.

This quick touch detection system is specifically designed to identify your fingerprint from any or all angles while at the same time keeping out all unauthorized users. Some devices come with fingerprint sensor features that allow for multiple users’ fingerprints to be added. Each fingerprint is uniquely identified and stored. Only the users with their fingerprints stored on the phone is authorized to use that particular phone.

Cutting-Edge Technology to Increase User Base

This technological breakthrough has helped phone companies to expand their areas of operations and also target bigger audience in new markets. With the fast dual charging capability in combination with Qualcomm QC 2.0, the android smartphones are becoming the perfect combo of looks plus cutting-edge design and technology.

Faster Dual Charging Circuits

With the new dual charging capabilities of recent android phones, charging a smartphone has become faster than it has ever been. This is made possible by the addition of dual charging circuits. These circuits, combined with a fast-charging battery, increase the charging speed of your handset. This new feature allows you to enjoy hours of games, chatting and non-stop music with just a few minutes of charging. This new technological breakthrough in power saving gives the users more peace of mind with long hours of entertainment with minimum battery troubles.

Multitask with Smart Split

For those who have been dying to see a smartphone that allows you to do some major multitasking like watching videos while texting, the new android phones with smart split feature is your answer to that. This new smart split feature in recent android phones is designed such that the phone screen splits in two by clicking the function icon. With this technological advancement in mobile phones, users can now multitask on their # screen without having to switch back and forth.

# Touch Optimization to Maintain Speed

The new android phones have become way faster than ever with the newly incorporated Funtouch OS 2.5, which is based on Android 5.1. There is also the Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor that comes with 32GB ROM and 4G RAM, which is expandable up to 128GB RAM. With this new # touch optimization, these new android smartphones now have the capacity to clear the cache and RAM with one swift action, which in turn helps to ensure maximum speed and seamless performance.

Quicker Shots with Phase Detection Autofocus

With each new release of android smartphone models, the camera seems to be increasing in capacity, quality and also getting faster in speed. The camera can now be activated in a matter of 0.7 seconds. With the advanced Phase Detection Autofocus technology, the camera lets you focus on your chosen object in just 0.2 seconds. It also allows you to take quicker shots. There are 2 major categories of microchips used today and these determine the functions of these chips in the larger computer structure. As mentioned earlier, silicon wafers are used to produce microchips.

Smart Wake Feature

With the Smart Wake feature incorporated into these smartphones, users can now easily access Facebook, video or music player, dialing pad all the other phone apps in a flash. While the phone is locked, you can access some apps by simply drawing custom slide patterns over the locked black screen. You can also determine the number of apps you can access while your phone is locked. Microchips come with transistors; these are used for performing logical circuitry operations.


The crux of the whole matter about android smartphones is that they are now much more interesting and faster because of all the new high tech features that are incorporated into them. Aside from that, smartphones are becoming much slimmer and lighter in weight, making it a more desirable accessory for customers. A wafer is generally known as slice or substrate in electronic devices. These small slices of semiconductor modules are used to create microchips.















There are many procedures involved in changing or turning raw silicon into a crystal substrate. In order to produce the industrial brown Metallurgical Grade Silicon, they manufacture many of the silicon by decreasing the SiO2 with Carbon.